This is one of several XSLT transforms provided by UNIBASE. It produces paginated ps forms such as invoices.


document Container for document forms – root tag of the XML watermark form* units height width offset-x offset-y rows cols
watermark Watermark to go on each page of the document box*
form Layout for one of more pages head body tail? name orientation font-face font-size offset-x offset-y rows cols
head Page layout for form box* font-face font-size
body Lines of text/images for page. Automatically paginated line* font-face font-size
tail Additional layout at end of form (typically totals etc) box* font-face font-size
box Container for page content line* font-face font-size llx lly urx ury border-width border-shade border-red border-green border-blue background-shade background-red background-green background-blue shade red green blue corner corner-left corner-right corner-top corner-bottom corner-ll corner-lr corner-ul corner-ur check-height check-width check-shade check-red check-green check-blue rotate
bar Vertical bar in box position in units from left side of box width shade red green blue
line Line of text/images text* image* font-face font-size shade red green blue
text Text to be printed text font-face font-size pos width align shade red green blue
image Image to display Local path to image fade height pos width
align left|center|right
background-* set background colour of a box to shade or red/green/blue values
blue number [0-1] – amount of blue in a colour
border-* draw a border around a box of width points in shade or red/green/blue values
check-* fill box with checks of height x width and colour as shade or red/green/blue values
cols number – columns of a form on a page
corner-* put curved corners on box of units radius
fade number – < 1 makes image darker, > 1 makes image lighter
font-face postscript font name
font-size number – printing points (72 points to the inch)
green number [0-1] – amount of green in a colour
height number (units)
llx number (units)
lly number (units)
name text
offset-* number (units) – move whole form or document x and y from bottom left
orientation landscape|portrait
pos number (units) 0 – anchor position in a line (left or right depending on align)
red number [0-1] – amount of red in a colour
rotate number (degrees anti-clockwise)
rows number – rows of a form on a page
shade number – shade of gray (0 black -< 1 white)
units in|mm – units of measure, inches or millimetres
urx number (units)
ury number (units)
width number (units)

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