unibase sessions

Unibase application access sessions

Unibase provides uses a session structure to manage logins and access to all application programs.

There is no direct access to either the application programs or data and these must be accessed through ubpost which uses the session id to determine the user, application, and working directory.

Tcl scripts

Sessions are maintained by the unibase.tcl package.

To access the commands from a Tcl script:

package require unibase 1.0

Available commands:

::unibase::httpd httpd helper functions
::unibase::httpd::cookies Put cookies into the environment
::unibase::log System log and audit functions
::unibase::session Setup and maintain a session
::unibase::users User details for application security

Getting a session id from a script

curl(1) can be used in a script to access programs and features in a Unibase application.

curl -s -d username=<user> -d password=<password> -c <Session id file> http://<application site>/cgi-bin/session


curl -s -d username=fred -d password=abc123 -c sessionId http://forum.zenucom.com/cgi-bin/session

Once you have a session you can use that with your curl request to get access to application functions.


shops=`curl -s --form PROC_NAME=getShops -b sessionId http://forum.zenucom.com/cgi-bin/ubpost`