ubmenu – menu program


ubmenu -[C* H* L W c* d g* o* p* w*] <menu> {<directory>}


Reads a menu file that details screen displays and user options.

Menu files end in “.men”, but this is not given when calling the program.


-C <security>Read security information from <security> rather than the men
-H <title>Title for head element in web page
-LOmit the status bar from the top of the screen
-WIssue a warning before exiting the menu
-c <command>Execute the command section <command> in the menu
-dTurn on debug when reading a menu
-g <dimensions>This controls the screen geometry. It is used to choose a terminal type that is different from the default. The new terminal type is AT386-geometry. Suitable terminfo definitions will then set wide/narrow/long etc. screens. Ubmenu sends 'is2' at the start of the program (to set the screen) and‘rs2’ at the end (to reset the screen).
-o <option>Run the script for <option>
-p <msg>Password required before executing this menu. <msg> is the message to be displayed when prompting for a password.
-w <Web Flag>Display as html. This will display the menu as as web page and links to execute options. Only ‘F’ is currently supported as the <Web Flag>


Normal exit value is 0. An exit value of UEPWD 61 means that a password was required on entry to the menu and the password check failed.


To run the menu stock.men in the directory “/usr/stock”.

ubmenu stock /usr/stock

To run a menu with a password required.

ubmenu -p "LOGIN TO MENU" stock