ubChecksum – checksum of development and production directories/files


ubChecksum {–app <application>} {–dir <directory>} {–file <file>} {–path <absolute path>} {–list} –server <server to compare>}


ubChecksum does a checksum comparison of files on the current server (assumed to be development) and a production server.

Optionally it can also display the difference between the files (using diff -u).


  • –app <application>
    • optional. Specifies the application if not the one defined in $UG_APP
  • –dir <directory>
    • Optional. Director to compare if not not comparing the entire application
  • –file <file>
    • Optional. File in application to compare if not comparing the entire application
  • –path <absolute path>
    • Optional. Absolute path to file or directory outside the application
  • –list
    • Optional. Only list the names of files that are different, not the diff listings
  • –server <server to compare>
    • Required. Compare files on this server.