• 5GL Data Modelling Language
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence
  • Object Oriented – focus on one module without worrying about others
  • Cross Platform – Unibase programs run without recompiling on all Unix Systems
  • Low Memory requirements per user – allows more users to run faster
  • Uses network and disk resources efficiently
  • Consistent user interface – productive and easy to use
  • Inbuilt multi-user functions and table locking
  • Uses fuzzy searches to find data quickly
  • Very easy to learn
  • Integrated development tools
  • Applications are more stable and robust – programming and compiling tasks replaced by AI engine reducing repetitive programming and error rates
  • Debugging is faster, easier, and can be performed remotely
  • Rapid development system for application building
  • Count productivity in completed programs per day
  • Cost savings in the maintenance phase of a project
  • Easily adapts to changing business conditions and rules
  • Fast track downsizing
  • Integrated help and documentation systems
  • Can be completely integrated with other Unix applications
  • Can be used as target for CGI – produces HTML scripts on demand


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