UNIBASE will substitute environment variables for their values as it is reading dictionaries or format files. If the variable is not defined then it is copied as is for later substitution by, e.g. a shell.

Using Environment Variables is a good way to get a customised application without writing separate programs.

There is a standard set of environment variables that modify the operation of UNIBASE. These are:

COMMA If set, thousands separators (comma’s) are not used
DICTIONARY Name of data dictionary file (default dict.dat)
MAX_LIST Maximum foreign key list length before displaying a warning
MAXIDLE Idle time (no Keystrokes) before terminal is locked
PRINT Print Screen Command
TERM Terminal Type
TTY Terminal Line
UBDIR Location of Unibase configuration files (default /usr/lib/ub)
UBERROR File for logging UNIBASE errors (default .uberror)
UBPG Program to use for screen output (default browse)
UID User Login Id