Unless otherwise noted, commands described in the SYNOPSIS Section of a manual page accept options and other arguments according to the syntax and should be interpreted as explained below:

name [-option…] [cmdarg…]

name The name of an executable file.
[ ] Surround an option or cmdarg that is not required.
option (always preceeded by a ‘-‘). noargletter… or argletter optarg[,…]
noargletter A single letter representing an option without an option-argument. Note that more than one noargletter option can be grouped after one ‘-‘.
argletter A single letter representing an option requiring an option-argument.
optarg An option-argument (character string) satisfying a preceding argletter. Note that groups of optargs following an argletter must be separated by commas or separated by white space and quoted.
cmdarg Pathname (or other command argument) not beginning with ‘-‘.