Unibase provides several javascript functions that can be used to enhance your application and provide an interactive experience.

  • unibase.js
    • Provides a number of core functions for communications and DOM manipulation
  • ub_input.js
    • special input functions to use with “input” elements generated by ubprompt
  • ub_keyinput.js
    • like ub_input but generalised for “contenteditable” and provides live data updates
  • ub_layout.js
    • Sizes block items to percentages of remaining screen, makes block items and tables scrollable, and adds sort and search functions to tables.
  • ub_widgets.js
    • A set of custom html elements and extensions. Included are extensions for easy editing, adding to an application, Google maps interface, and much more.
  • ubprompt.js
    • support for forms (ubprompt)