ubInstallModule – install a Unibase module

ubInstallModule will install a Unibase module in an application. Unibase modules are distributed with Unibase and provide useful generic functions. eg menus, manuals, report distribution.


ubInstallModule –app <application> –module <module name>


ubInstallModule --app uniquote --module ub_reports


Unibase modules are a set of files in the standard Unibase directory/folder layout: dct, bin, prm, rep, etc. The system modules are located in /usr/local/lib. eg /usr/local/lib/ub_reports

Installing a module has two parts. Symbolically link the module files into the application and create/update any tables that are part of the module.

Finally there will be manual tasks such as creating new menu options and adding cron entries. See the module documentation for these.


  • ub_menus – Unibase menu system
  • ub_reports – log reports and distribute by email
  • ub_users – maintain application users