ubmenu – Unibase menus


ubmenu -[C* H* L W c* d g* o* p* w*] <menu> <directory>


Menus are specified in a control file. Each control file has one or more of the following options:

  • B – screen background
  • C – a command to execute
  • H – Help for the menu
  • M – Option box


The background consists of three sections representing the header, body, and footer of the background.

B <left> <right> <name>

The header is displayed before any menus (which are in the body). The footer is displayed after the menus.


A command is a script to execute. It is embedded in the menu but could equally be a separate script.

C <name>


Text to display as help for this menu. There are further levels of help for menu blocks and menu options.

<help message>


A menu consists of 4 parts.

  • Menu declaration – includes optional screen position and optional name
  • Help – Block of text to use as help for this menu block
  • Header – Block of text displayed as a header before the menu options
  • Options – a list of menu options. Each option has 6 fields

Option fields

  1. Display – Text to display for the menu option
  2. Users – list of users authorised to execute this option
  3. Flags
  4. Prompt – a pop-up confirm message before option executed
  5. Help – Pop-up message displayed if user hovers on the option
  6. Command – one of 5 execution options based on the first character of the command

Command options

  • # – Execute a new menu given after the #
  • ! – Execute a command from a C section
  • * – Display a sub-menu. The name of the sub-menu follows the * and it must exists as a named menu block.
  • @ – Call a function
  • default – a shell command with arguments


When displayed in a browser the menu can be styled with css classes.

CSS Classes

  • ubmenu-head – menu head
  • ubmenu-body – menu body
  • ubmenu-foot – menu foot
  • ubmenu-help – help message style
  • ubmenu-header – Header style for the menu box description
  • ub_functionKeys – box holding function keys
  • menu-body – format for each menu box
  • has-submenu – highlight menu item that opens a sub-menu