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  • IT Investment Improves Efficiency

    IBM worked with its Business Partner, Zenucom Pty Limited, to identify the IT solution after running the Cadet Shoes software programs through a series of tests in IBM’s Melbourne eServer lab. “The client needed a more powerful machine and while we looked at various options, IBM emerged over its competitors as the leading solution,” said…

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  • ubxmldict

    NAME ubxmldict – make a data dictionary from xml definitions SYNOPSIS ubxmldict DESCRIPTION FLAGS FLAG ARGUMENT TYPE DESCRIPTION ERRORS EXAMPLE SEE ALSO


    CONTENTS Name Description Screen Options A – Attributes B – Background C – Conditions D – Display Only E – Expand/Zoom F – Programmed Function Key G – Group Fields H – Help I – Information Box J – Join Key M – Pop-Up Menu O – Options R – Repeat Fields S – Set/Initialise…


    NAME item – item options command file DESCRIPTION Files whose names end with ‘.itm’ are taken as item option command files. These fields are used by the program ubitem to generate item selection lists. item option command files are divided into sections. Each section commences with a capital letter and is terminated by a line…


    ubmulti, ubprompt and ubmenu all recognise the following conventions for putting line drawing graphics on the screen: ‘-‘ in first coloumn. Draw a line across the screen (ubmulti only). ‘~’ draw a horizontal line. ‘|’ draw a vertical line. Additionally these programs will adjust the graphics to include corners, tees, crosses, etc as required.


    Calendar UNIBASE includes the open source jscalendar as a popup for date entry fields. The calendar image and popup code is included automatically for any date field. To make it operational you need to include a link to the jscalendar code in the htm directory of your application. (as root) # cd $UG_APP/htm # ln…