UNIBASE includes the open source jscalendar as a popup for date entry fields. The calendar image and popup code is included automatically for any date field.

To make it operational you need to include a link to the jscalendar code in the htm directory of your application.

(as root)
# cd $UG_APP/htm
# ln -s /usr/local/lib/jscalendar-1.0 .

Application Layout

UNIBASE expects applications to have the following directory structure:

  1. All applications are in the directory /usr/local/app. eg /usr/local/app/payroll
  2. dct: the data dictionary files
  3. htm: the web site (symbolically linked to the root directory of the web server as the application name.
    eg ln -s /usr/local/app/payroll/htm /var/www/html/payroll